Tarot Cards Reader Monthly Newsletter 1st March 2016

tarot table

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1st March 2016 has crept up on us and Spring is here at last. Time for us to start thinking about our oncoming Summer; a period of fun, frolicking and happiness both with our friends and family.

Hi, The photo of the tarot table above is my tarot table in my lounge. It makes me feel more spiritual, have calm within myself and the feeling of tranquility when I light up the candle at night-time using the oil burner with rose oil or a rose scented josh stick. Try this yourself at home. it will give you so much peace within yourself. Yes, rose is my favourite scent. What is your favourite scent?

Last month I spent a lot of time writing posts for my blog. My posts reflected what was going on in my life and I would like to share them with you. Like myself you must have different moods that affect you throughout the month and you deal with them in your own way. My way is to put my thoughts into writing which is why I enjoy writing my posts for my blog. I want to share my finds with you.

I get a catharsis by releasing all my inner thoughts onto a page of writing. Even when I was little I used to write a diary. Have you ever trying doing that; putting your thoughts into writing? In the past when we did not use computers so much we would write in a diary or on a notepad. Even now sometimes I prefer to write on a notepad as I don’t always trust the internet to keep my feelings secret. Hackers can see anything. See below my posts written in my blog last month February 2016:

  1. Who was Albert Einstein 1879 – 1955? https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/who-albert-einstein-1879-1955-tina-sawhney?trk=prof-post
  2. Discuss why you want to become a counsellor. What qualities and characteristics do you feel you have that will assist you in role as a counsellor? https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/discuss-why-you-want-become-counsellor-what-qualities-tina-sawhney?trk=mp-reader-card
  3. I just got a Pass with Distinction for my Counselling Skills Diploma at Stonebridge Associated Colleges. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/i-just-completed-my-counselling-skills-diploma-colleges-tina-sawhney?trk=mp-reader-card
  4. What does a Tarot Cards Deck look like? https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/what-does-tarot-cards-deck-look-like-tina-sawhney?trk=mp-reader-card
  5. What is Chinese New Year? https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/what-chinese-new-year-tina-sawhney?trk=mp-reader-card
  6. How can I improve my emotional health? https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-can-i-improve-my-emotional-health-tina-sawhney?trk=mp-reader-card
  7. Do first impressions matter? https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/do-first-impressions-matter-tina-sawhney?trk=mp-reader-card
  8. Video about me & tarot card readings. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/httpsyoutube6zxvfejy1t0-tina-sawhney?trk=mp-reader-card
  9.  This simple drink is making weight loss easy for people! http://blog.tarotcardsreader.co.uk

I hope you have enjoyed reading my posts and seeing my latest video. Have a lovely time this month and let me know how you have been getting on. I have decided to lose some weight before the Summer comes because my doctor told me recently I may have diabetes, raised cholesterol and low thyroid but that it is all borderline. I hope to reverse this diagnosis by losing the weight and diet control. I got such a scare that I started a Diet and Nutrition’s Diploma course at Stonebridge Associated Colleges two weeks ago. It is so tough that I had to resit a couple of assignments this weekend gone. I did that and passed them I was told today by email as it is an open university course from Stonebridge associated Colleges. Another 10 more assignments to go to complete the course but the assignments are getting harder now. Wish me luck.

I recently completed a Counselling Skills Diploma at Stonebridge Associated Colleges and I got a Pass with Distinction. That was tough too. I wrote about it in one of my above posts. As a tarot reader it is stated that having a background of psychology and counselling is very useful when helping people with their problems. I have BSc Hons Psychology (1990) and now the Counselling Skills Diploma (2016). I completed my skills in holistic therapy as an aromatherapist and reflexologist (1999) so I know that natural essential oils can really help with our moods as well as cure serious as well as not so serious illnesses.

How is your health? Remember if you feel your health is not good you must see a GP before contacting a healer or therapist. I have a friend whose mother was sick with cancer and her mother refused to get treatment from doctors as she believed more in seeing her healers. She eventually died. Nothing can replace the medical profession when it comes to our health. They do amazing things everyday from transplanting organs from other people to finding cures for serious illnesses along with the normal accident and emergency department in all hospitals.
Tarot card readers are here to answer your questions on whatever you want to know; regarding your past, present and the future. We will guide you with the help of the angels, spirits and the tarot cards. If you need a tarot cards reading please book here: http://tarotcardsreader.fullslate.com

Do you have a friend or does someone in your family need a tarot card reading? If this is so, please forward this Tarot Newsletter to them. Best wishes.

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